VIG – Hard-Stop -18:00 TONIGHT, Feb. 1

Posted on March 3, 2019 · Posted in TMTA Flash
Message from Gregory J. Edwards (Virginia Port Authority):

Port Partners,
A reminder…Tonight, February 1, 2019, the VIG Team will execute important changes to the terminal operating system. These changes will require a system outage (60 minutes in duration) VIG will observe the standard inbound portal closure at 1700 hours on February 1 VIG will observe a
“hard-stop” to all gate and yard operations at 1800 hours on February 1. All over-the-road trucks must exit VIG by 1800 hours on February 1
VIG will observe standard gate and TRS hours on Saturday, February 2,
2019 (0700 hours – 1100 hours/portal closure – fully TRS mandatory)    
An online version of this message can be found here: VIG – Hard-Stop to Gate/Yard Operations – 1800 Hours on Feb. 1