TRAC – Truckers Reporting Adverse Conditions

Posted on February 20, 2018 · Posted in TMTA Flash

The TMTA is proud to announce TRAC , Truckers Reporting Adverse Conditions!  Available to TMTA members, this is an addition to our website, TMTAVA.ORG.

TRAC is a tool to provide TMTA with data. This data allows us to join in substantative conversations with DOT, Transportation officials, and the Port of Virginia.  All entries to TRAC must contain full information as “antidotal evidence” does not enough to sustain a conversation.

Via the TMTA flashes, we will be providing the data we have collected.  Also, we will be providing tutorials on how to use this tool.

This is a service to our TMTA members.  If you haven’t submitted your 2018 membership dues, please go to  and sign up today!

TRAC Sample Data:

“VIG congestion. Driver was in terminal for 6 hours and had to exit without getting serviced due to HOS.”

“VIG turn time: 7.25 hours.”
“There are zero 20 foot chassis in PMT PPCY. We have a driver turning in an empty 40 to the PPCY but our only option is to go inside VIG to get a 20 foot chassis.”

“My driver was attempting to bring in a loaded export reefer to VIG. According to the VIT website it was to be loaded on the CMA CGM ADAMS which had an ERD of the 6th. When my driver got to VIG the gate told him the ship has been delayed and he cannot bring the reefer in until tomorrow. Even though the VIT website clearly states ERD is the 6th as of 0730 hrs. I cannot dispatch my drivers properly when the website is not updated.”


To report adverse conditions, go to You must be a current TMTA Member to use the system. You are reporting adverse trucking conditions which will have wide distribution throughout the transportation community. Your participation helps TMTA fulfill its mission of promoting safe, efficient and responsible truck commerce in Virginia. If you have any questions about the TMTA TRAC system, our data collection or your incident – please let us know.

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