TMTA Port Update

Posted on May 10, 2019 · Posted in TMTA Flash

Many of you in our membership have communicated recent Port challenges you have experienced. The last two weeks have been particularly difficult. Our turn times remain improved overall, when we can secure an appointment, however the pressing issue is capacity and availability with TRS (Port of Virginia Pro-Pass Truck Reservation System).

No one can deny the lines on the interstate or flood of trucks at 1400, this is unacceptable. These lines are made up of all of our contractors and employees working hard to make a day’s pay as customers anxiously await their freight.

TMTA has been informed the following from the Port, hoping it will lead to some improvement:
• A service is moving from VIG to NIT in July, representing 1000 or so moves per week
• Increased options for empty returns to PPCY
• Increased number of appointments, approximately 350 per day starting 5/9/19
• Majority of increased appointments will be assigned to imports, remaining are slated for exports and empties

Please continue to express your concerns to TMTA leadership representatives and continue to use our TRAC system for submitting and documenting your issues.