Protocols for Truck Drivers – Transactions at the PPCY / PCY / RSA

Posted on April 21, 2020 · Posted in TMTA Flash

An online version of this message can be found here:  Protocols for Truck Drivers – Transactions at the PPCY / PCY / RSA

The Port of Virginia continues to innovate and adapt in order to ensure the safest working environment for our colleagues, partners and stakeholders.

Effective immediately – For truck transactions at the Pinners Point Container Yard (PPCY), Portsmouth Chassis Yard (PCY) and the Reefer Service Area:

For all inbound lanes at the PPCY/PCY/RSA

  • Drivers are reminded to maintain six feet of distance between themselves and the booth/interchange personnel
  • Drivers are reminded that approaching, or attempting to open, booth doors, or touching sliding glass windows, is prohibited

For outbound transactions involving port personnel in Kubota tractors and/or pickup trucks (PPCY/RSA)

  • Drivers should have all relevant outbound interchange details clearly written, in large print, on clean paper, to support social distancing
    • Required information includes license plate, SCAC code, booking number, desired container size/type if booking is flexed and chassis number
    • Failure to list these data elements clearly, on clean paper, may result in delayed transactions
  • Under no circumstances should a driver approach, or attempt to make physical contact with, a Kubota tractor
  • In accordance with social distancing guidelines, port colleagues, utilizing Kubota tractors, may takes steps to avoid drivers approaching on foot

These guidelines are for the mutual protection of the over-the-road driver and port personnel.

Source: Greg Williams, Virginia Port Authority