NIT CSA Procedures Update

Posted on November 24, 2014 · Posted in TMTA Flash

NIT Chassis Procedure

Termination of chassis at NIT is prohibited at this time.
The Chassis Service Area (CSA) is designated for swapping chassis only. Terminations are not allowed in the CSA.
Damage chassis can be swapped for good chassis in the CSA.
Chassis of different lengths can be swapped in the CSA.
Bobtailing Out at NIT is only permissible if the inbound move has been directed to stay on wheels.
If you would like to terminate a chassis, you must first exit through an NIT outgate or satellite lane to receive your Final EIRs, and then proceed to the NCY to terminate the chassis.
Damaged chassis can be dropped at the NCY.

If the following message appears on your NIT Route ticket, you will be required to visit the CSA for chassis inspection prior to departure:
Chassis needs Inspection. Proceed to CSA.

Drivers that have not had their chassis inspected prior to attempting to depart will be asked to return to the Chassis Service Area for inspection.

Drivers should use 3rd Street to access the Chassis Service Area.