CVSA Road Check Starts Today June 4th

Posted on June 14, 2019 · Posted in TMTA Flash


It’s that time again. This year’s 2019 Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance International Roadcheck inspection event will be taking place June 4-6. While last year the focus was on hours-of-service violations, this year will be focused on steering and suspensions. Below are some of the results of last year’s efforts.

In 2018 Road Check placed 21.6% of all trucks inspected out of service and 3.9% of drivers inspected out of service.
• The top three violations that resulted in an out of service vehicle order were braking systems (28.4%), tire or wheel violations (19.1%) and brake adjustments (16.3%)
• Of the hazmat vehicles that received a Level I inspection, 13.1% were placed out of service for vehicle related violations.
• The top violations that resulted in a driver out of service order were hours of service violations (43.7%), wrong class license (21.4%), and falsified records of driving (10.1%).
• Of the hazmat drivers who underwent inspection (Level I, Level II, or Level III), 3.9 were placed out of service for driver-related violations