Contingencies for Tracking Loaded Containers at VIG

Posted on June 3, 2018 · Posted in TMTA Flash

Port Partners,

An online version of this message can be found here: Contingencies for Tracking Loaded Containers at VIG
The successful deployment and integration of Navis N4 continues at Virginia International Gateway (VIG). We are proud of the efforts of our colleagues in implementing and managing this massive undertaking.

Among the myriad of I.T. related details associated with this historic project, we have identified issues related to container tracking at VIG. Our team is working to implement a permanent solution, offering the full portfolio of tracking services you are accustomed to. Until that solution is in place, please be advised of the following short-term strategies:

• VIG container status updates are available via your registered account on the PRO-PASS website
o Import availability is currently available through PRO-PASS
 Imports can be added and tracked through the PRO-PASS watch list feature
o Export bookings can be added to the PRO-PASS booking watch list feature
o If you need assistance using the PRO-PASS tracking feature for VIG, please contact our Customer Service Team
• You may also contact our Customer Service Team for assistance in obtaining detailed information regarding your containers moving through VIG
• VIG’s WebAccess portal is no longer active and should not be used for truck reservations, bookings, or other functions
o Truck reservations for VIG should be made exclusively via PRO-PASS
• Container transaction history for VIG, prior to Friday, May 11, 2018, is still available at using the equipment history tab

Container tracking functions at NIT, PMT, RMT and VIP remain unchanged.

Thank you for your business. We will communicate with you directly as a more permanent tracking/tracing solution is established for VIG containers.



Gregory J. Edwards
Director, Internal and Partner Communications

Virginia Port Authority
600 World Trade Center
Norfolk, VA 23510
Office: 757-683-2110
Cell: 757-617-0852